Welcome to William W & J A Johnstone Bookstore

Our new store has several enhancements that we feel will make your shopping easier.

First, the menus on the top and left side list the main category of books and audio CD's and tapes. Placing your mouse cursor on one of the categories on the TOP menu (Westerns, Thrillers, etc.) will display all the book series in that category. Moving the cursor down the list will display the sub-categories in that series. (Example: Westerns>Blood Bond shows Blood Bond Book Series, Used Blood Bond Books, and Blood Bond Audio Books.) Clicking on one of these will open the selections available.

The menu on the left has an "+" beside each category and clicking the "+" will display all the series of books in that category. Each series also has an "+" beside it. Clicking the "+" will display links to the new books, used books, and audio books for that series.

Second, when you open a series of books, you can click on "View More Details". This will open a window giving you a brief over-view of the book as well as the opportunity to purchase. Above the "Add to Cart" button, the inventory in stock will be displayed. NOTE: If a book/CD is to be released in future months, there may a message stating that the product is on "back order - you may still order this product".

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