03. Powder Burn (Will Tanner Series)

03. Powder Burn (Will Tanner Series)
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U.S. Deputy Marshal Will Tanner earned his badge the old-fashioned way. He shot the bad guys, saved the good guys, and won the fear and respect of everyone in between. That's how legends are born. But when he visits a friend at his ranch - and swaps lead with a trigger-happy horse thief - Will earns the wrath of the deadliest, lowlife killers west of the Mississippi. This is how legends die . . .

Turns out the horse thief is a desperate ex-convict fresh out of Arkansas State Prison. His father is the notorious Colorado outlaw, Scorpion Jack Lynch. And Will Tanner is nothing but a moving target on a blood-soaked trail of revenge. From a bar-room shootout in Texas, to a Chickasaw showdown in Oklahoma, to a dangerous encounter with a hellion named Hannah, Deputy Marshal Tanner has his hands full, his finger on the trigger - and his life on the line . . .

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